Beautiful is Healthy Inside and Out

Healthy aging is more than skin deep. We offer vegan ingredients in reusable or biodegradable packaging without industrial solvents, biocides (like triclosan), and other toxins commonly found in mainstream skincare products. Our mission is to provide you with the best personal care products for your biology and our planet.


Our plant based formula are vegan with natural essential oils.

Sustainable Packaging

Reduces discards.


Our products are not tested on animals.

No Harsh Chemicals

No artificial fragrances or formaldehydes, sulfates, colorants, or parabens.

Nothing Added

No phthalates and other biological disruptors.
Better than Recycling

Eco-friendly is Easy

Being good to yourself and the planet shouldn’t be hard. We made it easy to use, reuse, and discard.

1 Our products are designed with their entire life cycle in mind

2 Refillable and reusable containers reduce waste

3 Landfill Renewable packaging that actually breaks down in a landfill when you’re done

About Us

We care about your beauty, your biology, and our planet.